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How do I use WinMerge to compare the differences between two files

2018-03-13 00:00:13

In our work life, we often need to compare the difference between two ends of the text or two files, a simple tool is WinMerge. By using WinMerge, you can quickly compare the differences between two ends of text or between two files.


WinMerge Software


First download and install WinMerge software. Open WinMerge after successful installation. To compare the difference between two texts, you can click "" in the upper left corner or press the shortcut key Ctrl+N(new).


Paste the two texts you want to compare into the input boxes on the left and right


After pasting, click "Refresh" and start comparing the two text differences. If the two texts are different, different parts are highlighted with different colors.


If the two texts to be compared have the same content, a prompt box will say "The two texts are identical"


This page is based on experience


Generate a report if you need to compare the results. Click "Tools" - "Generate Report" and select the location to store.


Open the generated report to view the report information. (Open the report in html format with your browser)

Matters needing attention

When comparing files, the contents of the file are compared regardless of the file format