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How do markers represent materials

2018-03-14 09:36:32

To learn the marker, you need to learn the usage and material performance of the marker. The following Xiaobian will talk about how to use the marker to show the glass made of metal, transparent, plastic and wood.


Marker paper pencil Black lead highlighter


At the beginning, we need to use black color lead draft first, the line must be continuous, the shape is the basis, if the shape is wrong, the whole will feel very strange, after drawing with a pencil stroke.


Markers represent metal. The metal is very contrasting and reflective. In the middle of the metal glass, use touch120 to draw a vertical dividing line between light and shade, and then use WG4 and WG2 to transition. Finally, use a light blue marker on the left to show the reflection.


The marker represents transparent materials. Glass is transparent, and transparency must reveal something that cannot be seen. The glass of transparent material should pay attention to the word "transparent", draw two layers, the top edge of the inside layer should be deepened, the bottom edge should be appropriately deepened, and pay attention to the dividing line between light and shade


The marker is made of plastic. Plastic gives people a mild feeling, less reflective than metal, strong highlights. Plastic cups, if you look carefully you will find that the middle of it because the reflective color is lighter than the color on both sides, so we can pay attention to this when we draw, in addition to the strong plastic highlights need to use high pens.


The marker represents the wood material. All wood materials have textures. When coloring the glass of wood material, it is necessary to use a light color such as 103,104 to lay the bottom, and then use a dark color such as 102, and then paint the wood grain with colored lead, noting that the wood grain is orderly. Finally, it is paved with light colors, and the wood grain is naturally integrated with the color.


Highlighter part. After drawing each material, remember to use a highlighter to touch up and draw the highlights.

Matters needing attention

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