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How do the stronghold guards find the car

2018-02-23 14:24:00

At present, the number of cars in the game is relatively small, and it is not easy to find cars, but there are indeed cars. If we drive a car, we can improve our speed of movement and also increase our chances of survival. Let's tell you, how do the stronghold guards find the car?


First of all, in the process of falling from a high altitude, we can not see the overall area of the ground, we must fall to a certain height, in order to see the ground clearly, but the overall ground can not be seen, can only rely on experience. Let me tell you, there are cars everywhere in the map, so let's just drop down at will, as shown in the figure.


But when we land at a certain height and can see the road clearly, we have to move towards the road, it is best to move to both ends of the bridge, the goal before we fall is near the road and bridge, the focus is on the bridge, but need to avoid falling to the place where there are many people according to the actual situation.


Once we're down, all we need to do is avoid the crowds and stay on the road. You can also find the weapon first, and then near the road, as shown in the picture.


After we walk for a distance, we can see cars on both sides of the road, as shown in the picture.


Another big Angle to find a car is the town, we descend to the town, also move to the road, generally the road at both ends of the town must be a car, one end of the bridge must also be a car, as shown in the figure.


After we find the car, we need to keep close to the car, we can see the "get on" button, we can click on the car, you can play the car in the game, it is very interesting, as shown in the picture.