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How do white-collar women achieve eugenics?

2018-03-20 14:24:42

How do white-collar women achieve eugenics? Many women must have a concept in their hearts, the earlier a woman gives birth, the better, because the physical fitness is good, the recovery after birth is fast, the figure is also recovered well, and the future is more energetic to take care of the baby. The best age for women to have children is between 20 and 30 years old, so women who plan to have children are best to choose to have children at this time. As we all know, the nature of most white-collar women's work is to sit all day, in front of the computer, and these forced lifestyles have seriously affected women's health. So how can white-collar women have healthy, smart children?


Balanced diet


Expectant mothers should start taking folic acid supplements before pregnancy. At the same time, the diet of expectant fathers and expectant mothers before pregnancy should be comprehensive and balanced. Some stimulating food, such as strong tea, strong coffee, spicy food should be eaten less, it is best not to eat.


Avoid heavy makeup


Heavy make-up should be avoided as much as possible during pregnancy. Because the chemicals contained in cosmetics can be absorbed by the mother's skin and may have adverse effects on the fetus, natural skin care products should be used throughout the pregnancy.


All kinds of radiation in life is a little too much to guard against. For expectant mothers who are engaged in the IT industry or television stations and need frequent and large amounts of electronic equipment, there are often dozens or even hundreds of computers. The result of excessive radiation may have certain adverse effects on the fetus.


Whether the expectant mother smokes herself or is forced to inhale second-hand smoke, it can endanger the health of the fetus.


Take medication with caution


Women should avoid taking drugs in the first 3 months of pregnancy, especially antibiotics, anti-hormones and other drugs. And some expectant mothers are even more unaware of their pregnancy in the case of taking drugs, at this time you need to go to the hospital to consult, so that the doctor to diagnose the mother and baby are affected by the drug.

Matters needing attention

Unlike male biology, a woman's eggs are formed when she is still a fetus and remain with her for the rest of her life. Therefore, the younger the woman, the less the body is polluted and affected by the environment, the quality of health will be relatively high, the older the age, because the ovarian function is also gradually degraded, when it is more than a certain age, it will easily lead to abnormalities in the chromosome of the egg, then it is easy to cause fetal abnormalities, or dystocia and so on.


Before women plan to get pregnant, it is best to quit some bad habits, irregular living habits, eat unhealthy food, like smoking, staying up late, excessive weight loss, etc., while the partner should also pay attention to quit smoking, alcohol and other factors that affect the fetus. Women give birth to children at the best age, not only can the body recover quickly, the physical quality is better, and then when the mother is young, the mental state is also in an optimal moment. These are also some common sense to help women to have a good birth.