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How do you ask out girls in the neighborhood

2018-02-23 12:48:00

In the nearby people can also find their own true love, the premise is to have a kind heart, hope that everyone can use the current scientific and technological inventions for the right way.


How to find someone. First you need to know how to find people nearby, and there are three ways to do it. The function of shaking in the middle can shake the other party who is online at the same time. If you set up a boy, then there is a very high chance that the person you shake out will be the opposite sex.


People nearby. Secondly, use the function of nearby people directly. Open Settings - General - Features - People Nearby. Enable the function to look for people nearby, cast more nets, and choose what you are interested in.


The use of a message bottle. Write a message with a drift bottle, your bottle will be salvaged by others, if you are interested, it will be replied by others; Or to salvage other people's bottles, you can reply if you are interested.


Real, handsome headshots. It is recommended to design your avatar well, so that you can give people a good first impression. If you want to ask a girl, it is best to use a real head, so as not to contrast too much, it is not easy to accept.


Be proactive. Talk about topics that interest you both. Don't talk to death. You can see a person's personality from the profile picture, if you want to ask each other out, you have to be attractive enough to show each other your excellent side.


Sound attraction. If you have confidence in your voice, then you may wish to issue in advance, will get the girl's good impression; If you are not absolutely confident in the voice, do not let it out easily, it will give the impression of minus points.


Fraud prevention. In fact, the above are about to do the groundwork, but also the only way to success. Generally, beautiful women rarely take the initiative to find you, if you take the initiative to find you, you have to be careful whether the fairy jumped.

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