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How do you draw a diagram of gravity, pull, and support force in one picture

2018-03-31 11:12:49

The diagram of gravity, pull, and support force in a picture, as follows: 1. Find the center of gravity of an object and draw a straight line with an arrow down, that is, gravity. Second, draw an arrow in the direction of the force on the force object, indicating that the object is subjected to tension in this direction. Third, the point of application of the supporting force should be marked on the force surface (sometimes for beauty, rigor, the point of application on the center of gravity of the object) to expand the property of the data: tensile force is also elastic, and from the point of view of the object of force, tensile force may be internal force, may also be external force. If the object is subjected to two forces of resistance and tension, if the object does uniform linear motion or remains at rest, then at this time F pull =F resistance, tension and resistance are a pair of equilibrium forces, the object is in a two-force equilibrium state (the resultant force is zero). In certain cases, if the object does accelerate the motion, the F pull >F resistance; If the object is decelerating, then F pulls