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How do you fix a condiment mistake

2018-03-24 01:36:49

Put the wrong condiments: In fact, even if it is put the wrong condiments, it can be made up, the kitchen is sure to prepare more than the same condiments, and all kinds of condiments have different effects, therefore, the use of the complementary effect of these condiments, you can make up for the defects of the wrong condiments, so that the dish tastes delicious. 1, too salty: when making soup accidentally put more salt, and should not add water, you can wash a clean raw potato or a piece of water tofu into the soup, you can make the soup salty, a handful of rice or flour wrapped in cloth into the soup, can also receive the same effect. 2, too spicy: too much chili when frying, too spicy, you can put an egg with the fry. Chili curry sauce cooked in a traditional iron wok can prevent anemia, but stomach patients should be careful. 3, too bitter: bitter melon boiled too bitter, you can drop a little white vinegar to remove the bitterness. The appropriate bitter taste helps to regulate the balance of Yin and Yang in the human body and has a refreshing effect. 4, too sour: vinegar put too much, dishes become too sour, you can always mash eggs into, which can effectively reduce the sour taste. 5, too greasy: soup is too greasy, a small amount of seaweed in the fire to roast, and then sprinkle into the soup, greasy can be reduced. The above has been introduced in detail for you to make up for the wrong condiments, housewives must learn oh, we can not guarantee that when cooking is concentrated, of course, it is best to focus on some, do not put the wrong condiments, once put the wrong, do not throw away confused, or make the whole dish can not be eaten.