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How do you say a girl is beautiful

2018-02-24 06:24:00

See a beautiful girl, some people want to chat with her, want to fall in love with her. Many people will praise the girl beautiful, but often are the same, fall into the cliche, and can not impress the girl's heart, and even offensive. How to praise the girl beautiful, but does not appear deliberate or perfunctory, let her feel that you say very level?


[Praise to be specific] Girls' hearts are delicate and sensitive, and they pay great attention to specific feelings. When you compliment her, try to be as specific as possible to convince her that you're not just talking nonsense. Praise her beautiful, not as concrete: your hands are really thin, eyebrows such as willow leaves, the taste of the body is really sweet...


[Choose the right Angle to Kua] Kua girl beautiful, you have to choose a good Angle, just can show the beauty of girls. Praise the advantages of girls: the voice is very sweet, the face is very beautiful. Praise her progress points: lost a lot of weight, slimmer figure, writing better. Can also praise her spiritual beauty, did not expect her so connotation, culture, heritage, knowledge.


Praise her to be sincere. If you praise her not sincere enough, many times will only backfire. No, your words are so good to hear, as long as your attitude is frivolous, your words are too exaggerated, and even make things up, you will only make trouble for yourself and send yourself into the fire pit. You praise her to have true feelings, factual basis, let her feel that your words are credible, and not just talk.


[Figure out her heart] A beautiful girl, she is so beautiful, is it so superficial, white mirror every day? Girls understand themselves far more deeply than you, where they are good, where there are shortcomings, better than anyone else. For a girl you care about, it's important to find out what's inside her so you know how to compliment her. If you can compliment a girl correctly and appropriately, it will make her like you much more.


Don't put the cart before the horse by praising her in order to fall in love with her. Usually you can observe the girl's inner and behavior, pay attention to her efforts, find some very meaningful things she does, and praise the commendable things. Because you can carefully observe everything about her, she is likely to feel good about you because of it.

Matters needing attention

If you use the wrong compliment, it will make a joke and cause the girl's liking for you to plummet.


Don't give the same compliments to every girl. It comes off as insincere.


Praise girls do not too deliberately, or perfunctory, natural will be more advanced, level.