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How do you start an evening conversation?

2018-02-23 03:12:00

When you get home from work and finally have time to talk, what will not be awkward to start with?


Give a red envelope. Send a red envelope, is not everyone like it?


What about Posting a funny video and asking them? Funny video must meet the taste of the other party, too much taste beware of hair oh!


Send a selfie of yourself and ask if you miss me? If your appearance level is online, otherwise don't post it, right? Otherwise have a good PP!


Ask how your day is going according to your occupation (job, school). Know to start in the preparation of CET-4 and CET-6, then the entry point can be "How is the review today"?


Start with your partner's interests. For reading a novel, you can ask where you see the novel, tell yourself about it!


What did you have for dinner? That's the most traditional way we say hello, isn't it? If you're not eating, doesn't it feel so sweet to order someone a takeaway?