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How do you want to travel

2018-03-26 08:00:27

There are many famous scenic spots, but many people do not know how to make reasonable use of time to do a good travel guide. Here I will talk about how to do a guide if you want to travel.




Travel Bag


Transportation, travel, choose the way of free travel, I think it is more convenient to take a plane, directly buy a ticket online quickly, want to go to other places can take a taxi or bus, do not take much time, of course, you can also take a train or long-distance bus.


Accommodation, travel, local accommodation is also very convenient, you can choose to live in the bus station or the railway station around, after all, is a free way, it is best to book in advance on the Internet, do a detailed guide, so as not to delay the entire trip, but also live in the youth hotel inside, the price is more cost-effective.


Go to the scenic spot, choose the way to travel, not to miss the scenic spot is Dujiangyan, the landscape is particularly good here, the forest coverage rate is relatively high, enough to stay away from the noise of the city, enjoy the beauty of the moment, and the traffic is also very convenient, from the past about an hour or so can be spent.


Du Fu Cottage, here is also a very good place to go, as its name, once was the place where Du Fu lived, occupies a relatively large area, looks very, all around exudes a simple atmosphere, the greening is also very good, suitable for spending more time to visit slowly.


Giant Panda Breeding base, about 10 kilometers from the city, you can choose to take a bus to go into the scenic area, you can see many pandas, they are carefree in the play, the expression is also very simple and honest, really make people feel particularly cute.


Food, come to travel, must also go to taste the local food, the variety is still a lot, it is recommended to taste the sausage noodles, can be found in many local restaurants, has a long history of time, taste very good, so many years still maintain this taste is very rare, there are bell dumplings and so on are also very good, worth trying.


If you want to be close to nature, you can go to Qingcheng Mountain, you can sit on it for a day or two, it is still very good, the environment is good, the air is good, and there is old bacon on the mountain to eat, it is very good.

Sum up

Summary of the following results: 1. After arrival, first go to the wine reservation to check in, a short rest. 2. In the evening, you can go to Chunxi Road to have a local Sichuan food. 3. If it is about a week, it is recommended to leave 3 days to play.

Matters needing attention

Watch for changes in the weather.


Take care of your belongings.