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How does a stage show get into play quickly

2018-04-10 04:48:29

The role of the stage performance into the play is very important, can make the actor better performance of the role, to bring better viewing effect to the audience. However, how to quickly enter the scene is a problem that many actors face, here are some methods and precautions to help actors quickly enter the scene.


Read more scripts: Actors should first understand the role and the situation of the script before entering the play, you can read the script several times, deeply understand the character, emotion and character relationship of the role, and understand the context of the entire plot, which is conducive to better performance of the role.


Character analysis: Actors can analyze characters comprehensively and deeply from the aspects of character's personality, life background, character relationship, etc., which helps to better understand the inner world and emotional changes of characters.


Self-experience: Actors can quickly enter the play through self-experience, imagine themselves in the environment of the role, feel the emotions of the role, and find points that resonate with the role, so as to better perform the role.


This information comes from experience


Master performance skills: Actors need to master some performance skills, such as emotional memory, sensory experience, visual performance, etc., through these skills can better perform the role, more quickly into the play.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to emotional regulation: Actors should learn to control their emotions and avoid their emotions affecting the emotions of the characters.


Attention to detail performance: details determine success or not, actors need to pay attention to the details of the role, such as body language, movement, demeanor, etc., so as to better represent the role.


Pay attention to role transitions: Actors need to switch roles quickly, paying attention to differences and transitions between characters to avoid confusion or incoherence.