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How does BMW achieve automatic ventilation before driving

2018-03-14 04:48:00

How does a BMW achieve automatic ventilation before driving in hot summer days?


The BMW requires automatic air conditioning, as shown below:


Adjust the idrive control knob to enter: Setting - air conditioning, as shown in the figure below, we can see two timer options, if we need to enter the car at 12:15, we can set timer 1 to 12:00 to start ventilation, the ventilation duration of each timer is 15 minutes, how to need ventilation for 30 minutes, then set the second timer to 12: 15, then the ventilation will start from 12:00 until the end of 12:30, so that the moment to get on the car, no longer endure the steamer like suffering, very practical!

Matters needing attention

This function is for natural ventilation only and does not turn on the vehicle refrigeration compressor.