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How does HR determine our key performance Indicators?

2018-04-13 22:24:04

To know our key performance indicators, that is, our KPI, it still takes a lot of time to establish, especially in how to determine it, so we have to strictly follow the steps and methods, then how to get it!

Get that KPI for us

First: to consider the strategic goals of our organization, this is a more important part of the content, especially according to our overall strategy to develop our department's work goals, of course, this is also to be placed in the goals of each department!


Second: The job description, this is simply too important! After we have this, we can more easily find our kpi indicators, which are the basis of our work, so it is very good! Must have!


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How do you know for sure?

First: the use of brainstorming method, to know that our brainstorming can also determine a lot of things, especially how to learn from each other, that means, we must have money, money to invite better friends, to determine our kpi!


Second: fishbone chart analysis, to know our quality problem is a special and important part, then we must seriously and responsibly improve this quality, then we can use which fishbone chart method, this will help us complete the establishment of this kpi!


Third: The logical requirement of kpi value tree is particularly high, especially for value creation, we have to comprehensively analyze the value of our company. In order to better retain our employees, we must also study our financial situation!


Fourth: the key success factor method, to know that our needs are the most important content, if we are not good at these things, then we can not be perfect to confirm our employees' demands, so we have to recognize this!