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How does Moving play

2018-02-20 19:12:00

If you go to the uninhabited island to collect it, do not use an axe to cut down the tree, the game encourages us to bring the special fruits of our island to other islands to sell.


Lenovo y7000




Animal Crossing 1.4.0


Go to the uninhabited island to collect on the uninhabited island, do not cut the tree with an axe, each tree must be shaken, after testing, there must be a tree on the uninhabited island, drop a furniture.


diy manuals Go to the island of people who have been playing for a little longer than you, and it is possible to directly buy ladder diy manuals, as well as some basic diy manuals, and get a lot of furniture diy manuals the next day.


In the money game, we are encouraged to take the special fruits of our island to other islands to sell, our island to buy is 400 yuan, the special cherry island to sell is 500 yuan, sell an apple to earn 100 yuan, you can make some money.


Iron dig stone Iron dig stone, dig a few pits behind, the good position of the continuous press a, you can get eight materials, in the case of less stone with this method is the most effective brush material, and the first time using this method will get an achievement.