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How does NBA2k20 add created players to a new lineup

2018-05-15 01:36:20

NBA2k20 and 2k games are one of the favorite games of many friends who love to play basketball, but many friends just played this game when they encountered a problem, how to create players, how to add new players to the new lineup, next Xiaobian to tell you a method.





Create a player

First we open the game, enter the game screen, at this time we need to click on the "Features" option.


Find the "Create Player" option and click on it to enter the screen below.


This information comes from experience

Join the lineup

Once created, we can save the character. Next we go back to the function screen, find the "Create lineup" option and click Create Lineup. After entering the create lineup interface, we will encounter three options, as shown in the following figure, the first option is the official NBA lineup, the second is to create your own saved lineup, the third is the lineup that has been uploaded by others on the Internet, we click the first official lineup list.


After entering the official lineup list, we will see the following lineup, that is, the 76ers lineup, we need to click the LF2 button in the figure below, click twice.


After two clicks, it will enter the list of players that you just created, we click on the player.


You can copy the player you created into your team by clicking Copy to Team.


Then the system will give you NBA30 team options, you have to find a team you like, if the team you join has been full of 15 players, you need to return to the lineup list, select a player to cut it, in the re-join, we choose to join the Celtic, because there are not enough 15 players. Then we right-click to exit, click Save lineup, click new file, and name the lineup whatever you want.

Play new lineup

How to play the new lineup? Then we can go to the game screen and click on the Ultimate Alliance. Select the new Terminal Alliance mode file and enter the following interface, we see that the current squad list is the official squad list by default.


We click the 4 key above the letter key, this is the default key, if you find that it is not this key, press the other key, if it is the handle according to the requirements can be. Then we have three options again to select the created lineup list. Remember, be sure to press the "rebound" button, go to choose, do not press other keys, or he will automatically pick a lineup. Next click on the list.


At this time, we found that the current game lineup has changed, is the game lineup you just created, we can play the game, hope to help you, give a thumbs up, thank you for your support.