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How does Northeast rural winter pass

2018-03-20 09:36:18

Our feeling for winter is cold, so many people are still more resistant to winter, but the same winter, different regions, the temperature is also very different.


As we all know, compared with the southern region, China's northeast region is a relatively cold area, the winter can reach minus 30 degrees, to tell the truth is really very cold.


Many people are curious about the northeast rural winter problem, in fact, the northeast rural winter house is very hot, not as cold as imagined.


Now the social development is rapid, the rural living conditions are also better, the northeast rural areas are earth kang, firewood can be heated, and most of the family home is installed heating.


In fact, it is the same as the city, but it is installed heating and burning their own stove, and the temperature at home in winter is not colder than that in the city.


Some families are equipped with a ground stove, that is to say, the basement below the ground is equivalent to a cellar, which is full of firewood, and you can burn this firewood in winter, not the kind of open fire, but the kind of slowly smoking.


This with the city geothermal also has the same effect, the house will be very warm, some families are directly to buy coal burning, the cost of buying coal is much more expensive than the city heating.


Rural conditions are good, heating can not stay in the 1970s and 1980s, but improve and improve, winter will not be frozen.