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How it feels to tell the truth

2018-03-18 01:36:29

The mystery lies in the fact that it is a religious region with many stories of faith that tell the story of God. Secondly, the superior geographical location, the unique natural landscape, and the infinite charm of the scenery make many people yearn for as long as they mention it. Xiaobian has also been driven by this feeling, moving the idea of going, but I dare to tell you honestly, Xiaobian has been to the pilgrimage place is no longer fascinated.


Although it is very beautiful, the road into Tibet is also infinite scenery. Unique geographical advantages, through the vast Hoh Xil no man's land, Tanggula mountains and so on. Towering mountains, high altitude glaciers, all reflect its majestic and magnificent spirit. However, arriving, I feel that there is no basic standard of tourist city, open for so long, tourism-oriented development, the folk customs are not so simple as imagined. The local people are not friendly to foreign tourists, the streets are depressed and deserted, and it is not recommended to stay outside for too long if the single tourists are free to travel, and the people around them will unconsciously have distrust and fear.


The Potala Palace, which tourists yearn for, is open within a specified time, so a long queue formed in the morning. The Potala Palace is very bad, it will change the time and order at any time, and the attitude of the organization and management personnel is very bad, will swear and even beat people. After a difficult entry into the Potala Palace, in addition to listening to the wonderful stories of the tour guide, the viewing is not large, impressive, only people prostrate, pilgrimage determination. Because the guide explained so many rules and taboos at the beginning, we didn't even dare to take pictures. Therefore, a lot of feelings that want to write, but also afraid of touching the bottom line, become a fear.


We went to the scenic spots, in addition to the better, other scenic spots are no public bathroom, and even if there are some places, it can not be called the bathroom, because it is not sanitary. The sight of urine and feces everywhere near the scenic spot is shocking. In the days of travel, the most afraid is the convenience of going out. Tortured by this problem, the image of the scenery in the eye can not be comfortably experienced.


The food with the group is very poor, the dishes are few, but also difficult to swallow, and the place to eat is very simple. On the way, the tour guide will keep telling the tourists that this trip is to suffer, to suffer, to accept this special treatment. I feel very bad.


The tour guide will persuade the tourists to go to the shopping point to spend, there is a kind of cheating psychology, if not shopping, the tour guide will show unhappy emotions, indicating that we do not cooperate with their work and angry. Because this behavior also makes the whole trip lost a pleasant travel experience.