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How long should I keep my belt?

2018-04-12 09:36:37

The chance of using a belt in life is quite many, but leaving it too long will be cumbersome and unpleasant, and too short will lead to its normal use. So today, let's share our understanding: how long should you leave your belt......


Tape measure

Method one

Take a tape measure and set it aside


Use a tape measure to measure your waist and record the measurement, e.g. '59cm'


Use the actual measured waist size [59] +8 (button-length) + 3 (button-belt overlay length) +4 (error length) +6 (reserved length) =80cm


Cut the belt directly according to the calculated belt size

Method 2

Of course, you can also define the belt length according to your actual waist size in the figure below, which will be more cumbersome.

Matters needing attention

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