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How many cartoons are there in the Pigman series? Name of each part

2018-03-15 08:00:00

"Pig Man" series as of August 2019, a total of 14, the details are as follows - 1, the first "Pig Man's Magic Pig Discipline" in 2006 40 episodes "Pig Man's Magic Pig Discipline" is the first full 3D cartoon created by Yongsheng Culture Communication Co., LTD., since 2004. In the Spring Festival of 2005, it launched the first animated TV movie "Pig Man's Uproar in the Palace", and from the summer vacation of 2006, the first "Pig Man · Magic Pig Ji" was broadcast on more than 400 TV stations such as CCTV. 2, the second "Pig Man of Martial Arts 2008" in 2007 40 episodes of story inspiration from the 2008 Olympic Games, the unique Chinese martial arts elements into the Olympic Games, the bold innovation of the theme reflects the imagination of the unrestrained; On the other hand, the story is unique in the way of cartoon interpretation of the game process, through the introduction of sports games and rules, skillfully through a variety of sports knowledge. The film has been popular with children and teenagers since it was aired during prime time on China Central Television's Children's channel. 3, the third "Pig Man Brave the City of the Future" in 2008, the 40 episodes of "Pig Man Brave the City of the future" is a domestic 3D animation produced by Yongsheng Culture Communication limited. The third installment of the Pigman series. The film tells the story of Pig Man with the help of a time machine by mistake to the future world, began his brave future magic adventure story. 4, the fourth "Pig Pig Man" in 2009 80 episodes "Pig Pig Man" is the fourth work of the "Pig Pig Man" series of animation, the main plot is clever love funny, a little conceit, like to play tricks on others of the small pig pig made out of some funny stories. 5, the fifth "Pig Man of the Building Block world of Fairy Tales" in 2010 52 episodes "Pig Man of the Building Block world of Fairy Tales" in the "Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales" and "Grimm's Fairy Tales" as the creation background, continuing the Pig Man series of cartoon humor style. She has created more than 30 classic characters in western fairy tales, such as Snow White, Cinderella, Prince Charming, and Little Red Riding Hood. The animation tells the story of Piggy family because of being involved in the space-time rift, falling into the fairy tale world made of building blocks. In the fairy tale world, Pig man conquers all kinds of difficulties with his wit and courage. The story is not only classic and interesting, but also carries forward the spirit of justice and bravery. In 2012, the 52 episodes of "Piggy Man's Happy Rescue Team" "Piggy Man's Happy Rescue Team" is the sixth installment of the "Piggy Man" animated series. Directed by Gu Zhibin and Lu Jinming, with Lu Shuang, Zu Liqing and Gao Quansheng as the main voices, the film premiered on CCTV Children's Channel on June 7, 2013. The story tells about a variety of unhappy events in the post-fairy tale era, and the Pig man and his friends incarnated a happy rescue team, using wisdom, courage and true love to resolve the fairy tale world happiness crisis. In 2013, the 52-episode "Piggy Man's Transformation into a Little Hero" is the seventh work of the "Piggy Man" animated series, and the first season of the "Piggy Man Transformation Series". Produced by Chant Culture Communication Co., LTD., the 52-episode animation premiered on Jiajia Cartoon on December 31, 2013. The story tells the story of Pig Man in a monster attack incident, accidentally activated the five spirit lock handed down by Misty teacher, converted the five spirit King into energy and sealed in the five spirit lock, so that he obtained the extraordinary ability to transform into an iron fist tiger, divine wood monkey, frozen deer, flame crane and stone armor bear, from then on shoulder the heavy responsibility of maintaining the fairy tale world. 8, The eighth "Pig Man's Transformation Team" 2014 52 episodes "Pig Man's Transformation Team" is the sequel of "Pig Man's Transformation into a small hero", produced by Yongsheng Culture Communication Limited, a total of 52 episodes of animation, in August 10, 2014 on Jiajia cartoon premiere. The project will continue the story of the seventh season of "Pig Man into a Little hero". 9, the ninth "Pig Man's Changing Alliance" 2015 52 episodes "Pig Man's Changing Alliance" is following the "Pig Man's Changing Hero" "Pig Man's Changing Team" hit, Yong Voice animation released in early 2015 Pig man series in the ninth season of TV animation, the film premiered in January 2015. The film also has a follow-up story, the third major film of Piggy Man, The Final Battle of Piggy Man, as the end of the transformation series. The 52-episode 2015 episode "The Five Guardians of Piggy" is the 10th animated series of the Piggy series. Following the popularity of "Pig Man's Transformation of Little Hero", "Pig Man's Transformation Team" and "Pig Man's Alternation Alliance", at the press conference of the licensing exhibition on August 13, 2015, Yongsheng Animation also officially announced the tenth new TV animation "Pig Man's Five Spirit Guardians". 11, The 11th "Pig Man Guardians" 2016 52 episodes "Pig Man Guardians" is the eleventh season of Pig man, which is following the "Five Spirit Guardians" Pig man's dream guard journey, and the fight against the dark story, not only tells the story of the power and dark forces in the fairy world, but also the confrontation between everyone and the dark two sides. 12, The twelfth "Pig Man's Dream Guardian" 2016 52 episodes "Pig Man's Dream Guardian" is an animated film produced by Yong Voice Animation Co., LTD., is the "Pig Man" series of animation of the 12th work. In the last battle between Twin Cities and Crystal City, Crystal City won a great victory, but the five Spirit locks spent a lot of energy, resulting in the loss of internal energy balance, from the depths of the five spirit locks, there is an evil force called "forgotten force" revived. The Forgetfulness wields by the Forgetfulness warriors swallows dreams and turns people into callous puppets. 13, the 13th "Pig Man's Super star cute pet" 2017 124 episodes "Pig Man's Super star Cute pet" is a cartoon produced by Yong Voice Animation Co., LTD., is the thirteenth of the "Pig Man" series of animation, this one's Pig man parents are alive, family harmony, Pig man's mother Laura, father Barrow also appeared in this part. 14, the fourteenth "Pig Man Race Ball Little Hero" 2018 104 episodes "Pig Man Race Ball Little Hero" is the 14th work of the "Pig Man" series, the animation takes sports competition as the theme, team spirit, personal growth as the core content, catering to the hot spot of the 2018 World Cup. Tells the story of pig pig man and other people to save a five came to the Yuan spirit victory domain, only to be misunderstood by the Yuan spirit and conflict, the little tiger team and the Yuan spirit after the misunderstanding became good friends, and stopped Joe Bailey to seize the heart of the Yuan spirit plot.