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How often does air conditioning need to be cleaned?

2018-04-11 01:36:39

How long the air conditioner needs to be cleaned depends on the use environment, frequency of use and different parts of the air conditioner, and the cleaning interval is different. Open the outer cover of the air conditioner to see the dust situation can be determined. The key parts to be cleaned include the indoor unit shell, filter, radiator, condenser, air conditioner outlet and roller, as follows:


Rag, soft brush, cleaning agent, bucket, cleaning machine, watering bottle


The process of cleaning the air conditioning filter is also relatively simple, you can operate it yourself, it is recommended to clean it every month when the frequency of use is higher in summer, and the use of dust cover protection for a long time can be cleaned quarterly. Turn off the power, open the air conditioner shell, take out the filter screen and rinse with a brush. After brushing off the dust, you can also disinfect it. Wait until the filter screen dries and then reinstall it in the air conditioner.


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