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How should Korean makeup be painted

2018-03-08 11:12:00

As we are both Asian, Korean makeup suits us too. Here's how to apply Korean makeup:


Make up


A thick and delicate foundation is one of the most prominent features of Korean makeup, because a finely balanced thick foundation can indeed create a star-like makeup temperament. After skin care, you can dip your finger in a small amount of cold water on the face, and then while wet, use a powder puff to smooth the cream foundation, use a foundation that is close to your skin tone, and then use a slightly darker foundation to play a three-dimensional sense in the nose and cheeks. For better results, start with a colored primer. Yellow can modify the red skin tone; Blue can make the skin pale and transparent, but to use a small amount; White can make the skin color brighter, more used in the T-band and cheeks and other parts.


Exquisite Eyeliner The eyeliner of Korean makeup is strong and precise. The eyeliner of Korean makeup is mostly natural black, which does not change with the color of the eye shadow, but emphasizes the sense of unity with the natural eyeliner. Slightly round almond eyes are the favorite of modern Korean makeup, when sketching eyeliner, you can draw from the tail of the eye to the middle of the eye, and then from the head of the eye to the middle of the eye, the overlapping part of the two lines must be slightly wider than the two sides, and directly above the black eyeball, there is the effect of enlarging the eyes.


Eyeshadow in Korean makeup is usually hidden under thick black eyeliner and is not obvious. The eyeshadow color of Korean makeup is based on pink and brown lip gloss. Use a small pointed eye shadow brush to dip an appropriate amount and lightly apply it to 1mm to 3mm around the eyeliner, and then add a layer of setting powder to create a three-dimensional sense of slight depression throughout the eye.


Natural eyebrow shape can maintain its original smooth natural slightly thick eyebrow shape, if the eyebrow color is too thick, you can use orange brown mascara to re-apply, make it pale; Clear mascara can also be used to fix the eyebrow shape.


Subtle blush blush is not very obvious in Korean makeup, blush in Korean makeup is usually a very slight decorative action, and hidden between foundation and setting powder, usually do not use a large blush brush, but just use a medium eye shadow brush, according to the needs of different face shapes, in the key parts of a brush over, never too much. It gives an impression of competence at the same time.


Korean makeup generally uses traditional lipstick, heavy but at the same time emphasize the feminine lip texture, from top to bottom, each lip line is deeply filled with rich colors, can be brown-red and dark purple, will appear more intelligent, feminine. The hidden lip line will mostly change with the color of the lip balm and disappear in the lip balm.


A variety of colors of professional makeup and simple casual wear can be used as a matching outfit for Korean makeup. In terms of accessories, delicate platinum, pearl and gemstone accessories can make you look elegant and chic, while exaggerated accessories are not suitable for this look.