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How to add a video to an e-magazine?

2018-05-14 22:24:38

Need to add the enterprise's promotional video in the electronic business magazine, how to use the electronic magazine production software to add video in the electronic magazine? Here we use the famous editor e-magazine master to teach you to add the video or Flash file you want to add to the e-magazine page.


Master editor of electronic magazines


Open the software and import the PDF magazine file that needs to be edited (import Settings, if the number of pages is large, you need to wait for a while to complete the import);


Click the "Page Editor" button at the top of the toolbar to enter the page editing interface


Find the "Select Video Player" button in the "Page Editing Interface", click the "Embed Standard Video Player" button, and then import the video file from your computer to the page.

Matters needing attention

Before importing the local video, you need to name the video file in English, do not use Chinese name, otherwise there will be an error