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How to apply for a Singapore visa

2018-03-21 19:12:20

When traveling to Singapore with a private passport and IPA(InPrincipleApproval) entry permit issued by Singapore, the original or a printed copy downloaded from the Internet is acceptable. However, only the application with a permit cannot be cleared. Permission must be printed on the relevant website according to the serial number on the application.


Border checkpoints generally refuse to release passengers who leave the country with private passports and Singapore identity cards. Chinese nationals holding a Singapore identity card should also have a multiple entry permit to enter Singapore and present it together with the exit formalities.


In addition, many travelers with private passports and electronic visa (E-VISA) or entry permit (IPA) copies, faxed copies of the exit, because the illegible can not verify their authenticity and validity. Experts suggest that travelers should ensure that the content is clear before leaving the country, and verify the passport, name, date of birth and other information on it.

Application procedure

The applicant has a passport valid for at least six months (from the date of departure) and at least one blank visa page.


Two copies of 14 forms completed in English (each item on page 1 and 2 of the form should be completed, page 3 must be signed by the applicant and date of application). Each application form must be accompanied by one passport size colour photograph (two in total).


A letter from the applicant approving the leave of absence and stating the applicant's duration of employment, position and salary. The name, address, and fax of the letterhead used for the letter. The letterhead needs to be stamped with official seal.


2 "color recent photo pasted on form 14. Photos must meet the following requirements:


Recent photo within 4 months, photo size is 35mm(width),45mm(length). No white margin; Headless (Hats and accessories must not cover the applicant's facial features if they are required to wear hats or accessories according to special religion or custom). The face size is 25mm(width),35mm(length); White background.


The tourist visa is valid for 5 weeks from the date of issue. Visa holders can enter and exit Singapore multiple times within a 5-week period. The length of stay is determined by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore, up to a maximum of 30 days.


The visa process takes three working days.


Applicants who do not have a job are required to provide relevant documents to prove that they have sufficient funds. (e.g. Original and photocopy of my passbook or certificate of deposit)


If the applicant is sponsored by a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident in China, there is no need to comply with the provisions of Paragraphs 3 and 4 above. However, the guarantor must submit the application in person at the embassy, and provide the completed V39A form and a copy of the guarantor's ID card.

Matters needing attention

The issue of visa is subject to the Singapore Consulate! No entity or individual has the right to approve the visa.