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How to arrange sightseeing?

2018-04-02 19:12:30

Where to play? Tips: The best time to travel is in August every year, when there will be many Miao and Dong ethnic festivals, such as Kaili Miao Lusheng Festival, Dong Watermelon Festival are organized in large ethnic festivals, there are many small festivals held in each village.

Scenic spot

Hehe Scenic Area is located in the Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of the province under the jurisdiction of the three counties. Covering an area of 625 square kilometers, it is divided into 394 scenic spots in ten scenic spots: Historic City, Tiexi, Upper, Lower, Yuntai Mountain, Shanmu River, Black Chong, Feiyuncliff, Old Zhou Ancient Town and Zhong 'an River. The scenic area is linked by river system; The valley peaks, cloud scenery water color for rhyme; It is famous all over the world for its characteristics of "male, strange, beautiful and secluded". Its main body consists of karst landform wonders; Flat lake waterfall springs, valley forest sea landscape; Mountain cloud glaze, deep valley valley landscape; Ancient temple culture, celestial creatures and other landscapes constitute the magical and enchanting scenery of the River scenic area. The national key historical and cultural city in the scenic spot has a history of more than 2,200 years, the city monuments abound, more than 70 kinds of key cultural relics protection units at all levels, among which the ancient building group Qinglong Cave is even more famous, the sound of the world, it sets Buddhism and Taoism culture in one, near the mountains and rivers, cliff construction, ancient and unique. In addition, in Qiannan known as the first cave sky flying Yuncliff, King of the Ming Dynasty, Lin Zexu of the Qing Dynasty, He Shaoji and other historical celebrities have left traces here, today there are many inscriptions on the cliff. It is now a provincial key cultural relic protection unit. Ticket: Adult ticket price: 20 yuan full ticket 80 yuan (including Qinglong Cave scenic spot ticket 30 yuan; Up the river 20 yuan; Yuntai Mountain 30 yuan) Transportation: Hunan and Guizhou in this transit, you can take the train to get off at the station, about 5 hours; You can also take the bus at the coach station (passing), the ticket price is 43 yuan. About 2 hours drive from Kaili; It takes about one and a half hours to get to Yuping. Reminder: The bus station has a car to drift down the ferry, a boat can sit four people, about 40 yuan per person, the trip is about 1 hour. Accommodation: There are fewer wine options near the river, and it is recommended to stay in Kaili, which is close to the river and has convenient transportation.


Shanmu River Shanmu River scenic spot is located in the northwest of the province autonomous prefecture county, 14 kilometers from the county seat. Shanmu River Scenic spot is one of the ten national river scenic spots. The scenic area is divided into four areas, namely, Shechong, Loess, Zijingguan and Jiangjiatian, with an area of 96 square kilometers and 19 scenic spots. Shanmu River water has a natural effect on people, because it is known as the "God water mineral spring River" and the name of the sky. The scenic spot is dominated by clear and bright spring water and steep peaks, with the natural characteristics of "male, beautiful, secluded and strange". Step into the scenic spot, but see mountain envy water beautiful, water mountain ring dripping, the whole scenic spot quiet and not closed, deep and not dangerous; Bed white sand bedding, sand dunes spotless; Crabs in the water, fish and shrimp fly freely; Overhanging vines on both sides, ancient trees stretch in the sky; One thousand years old gorge is full of vitality. Shanmu River self-help rafting return to nature, fun and interesting, is the eastern line of the rise of green ecological tourism hot spot, is a deep harmony of human and nature interdependent classic. Ticket price: Adult ticket (Ticket + rafting) Ticket price: 185 yuan


Qinglongdong Ancient building Group Features: Qinglongdong ancient building group was founded in the 21th year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty (1388), with a total of 40 individual buildings, covering an area of 21,000 square meters, and the existing total construction area of 6665 square meters. It consists of Qinglong Cave, Zhongyuan Cave, cave, Longevity Palace, incense burner Rock, Zhu Sheng Bridge and other groups of buildings, the layout is strange and the craft is fine. Because it is located in the river residual rock cliffs and cliffs, such as hanging temple, layer upon layer, extremely spectacular, can be called a unique east Guizhou. It is now a national key cultural relic protection unit. Ticket: 50 yuan/person (including 20 yuan is the cost of folk performance)


Tiexi Tiexi Scenic spot is located in the northeast. In wish to bridge north turn canyon scenery will suddenly appear in front of you, deep custom, steep mountains, all over Butch rock different cave, clear between the stream, the flat wall of the stream Xiongqi, native plants are Weng Wei, lush trees, the original rule, the forest area is wide. Tianxi unusual quiet, picturesque, pleasant environment, tracing to the dragon pond, was a blue color, unfathomable, Qianlong "Fu Zhi" contained: "dragon pond in the five, place name Wengzhong, the pool of cloud gas vapor depression, the day obscure bores, legend has a divine living." Wu Jingzi described Tiexi and the story of the dragon God's marriage to her sister in "The Outer History of the Confucian Scholars". Since the Ming Dynasty, Tiexi has become a popular place for dignaries, poets and calligraphers. Ticket: Adult ticket Face value: 50 yuan


Langde Shangzhai Langde Shangzhai is located 27 kilometers southeast of Kaili City, and is one of the key villages for ethnic customs Tours on the eastern line of the province. This is a Miao village with hundreds of families. Village back mountains face water, ancient towering trees, visitors will be warmly received when visiting. The reception method is very special, they dressed in festive costumes, singing moving toasting songs, offering mellow road liquor to the guests, and greeting the guests in a special way to "block" the guests into the village, with as few as three roads, and finally as many as ten, entering the village gate, first to the flat dance, first the slow rhythm of "stepping", and then the rhythm of the bright "youth Lusheng dance". Visitors to this area often can't help but jump along.


Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village in Xijiang County is the largest Miao village, with more than 1200 households and more than 6,000 people, 99% of which are Miao. Zhaoxing Dong Village has more than 900 families and more than 3,800 people, so it is called "the first village in Dong Township". There are 5 families in the village, each family has one, a total of 5, 5 flower Bridges, 5 Dong opera buildings, these highly Dong architectural characteristics of the building has been well preserved.


Dong Township scenic spots are located in the intersection of Hunan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces (districts), is a plateau to hills and basin transition zone, in the watershed of the Yangtze River and the Pearl River system, is a subtropical humid monsoon climate zone, winter without cold, summer without heat, the annual average temperature of about 15℃, air. Dong Township has fertile land, dense vegetation, good ecological environment and rich forests. The forest coverage rate of the scenic area is 62%. The mountains and waters in the county are beautiful and the natural scenery is colorful. The climate is pleasant. The scenic area of 120 square kilometers, a total of 73 scenic spots, two first-class scenic spots, 25 first-class scenic spots (15 natural scenic spots, 10 cultural scenic spots), 37 second-class scenic spots, of which 18 natural scenic spots (things), 19 cultural scenic spots (things), the rest are third-level scenic spots. Dong Scenic area is the window and main scenic spot of the eastern route of the province. The scenic spot is 466 kilometers away from the provincial capital, 81 kilometers away from Zhiliu Jingzhou Station and 400 kilometers away from the scenic spot. Yes, gold tourism line into the east of the tourist transfer station. In November 2005, the airport was opened to traffic. The scenic area of Dong Township integrates ethnic customs, ethnic ancient buildings, natural scenery, cultural landscape, cultural relics and monuments of Dong Township. The pleasant climate, natural ecological environment and simple and rich customs of Dong nationality are rare and good places for people to go sightseeing, sightseeing, vacation, scientific research activities and cultivate their sentiments. It is inhabited by 14 ethnic groups, mainly Dong, with a total population of 440,000, accounting for 72% of the county's total population. Zhaoxing is the largest natural Dong village, with a population of 3,608 in 798 households. Dong people have a long history and culture and strong ethnic customs. Large-scale festivals include "Baisa", "Moon He", "Lusheng Festival", "June 6", etc. Festival activities include fireworks, wrestling, horse racing, bullfighting, sparrow fighting and other colorful projects.