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How to be a considerate woman

2018-04-13 06:24:21

Most men play a supporting role in society and life, and various pressures make them have to work hard and struggle outside. Therefore, in life, men hope that their other half is considerate, and hope that after returning home, there is only comfort and ease. How to be a considerate woman in daily life?


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First, cook well-rounded, delicious meals. We always say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Men are busy outside all day, of course, the most hope is to be able to eat a delicious meal, not to supplement physical strength, or to satisfy their taste buds. Moreover, now the work pressure is large, more need to pay attention to the comprehensive nutrition. Even if the food you cook is not very good, but it has your love and care for him.


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Third, don't always ask him about his work. A man's own affairs are his own ideas, and he does not want to bring his work stress home. Home is a place to relax and be at ease, and you have to trust your partner's ability to handle his or her own affairs. Of course, occasionally ask is also necessary, show that you care about him.


Fourth, be more tolerant and understanding. Women are more meticulous, while men are more careless and dull. Maybe sometimes it is difficult for him to understand your mood or he will forget some festivals and things, at this time you need to be more tolerant and understanding. It's not that he doesn't love you, maybe he's really careless.


Fifth, most of the time directly express their ideas. Women always like men to guess their own thoughts, guess when friends angry, make two people in the heart are not happy. Most of the time, we can speak out directly if we have any ideas or dissatisfaction in our hearts. Since we live together, we can trust each other.


Sixth, occasionally let him play spoiled, take care of his emotions. Sometimes a man is like a child, need others care and love. Even though he is a strong person on the outside, he wants your attention when he comes home. So might as well occasionally let him play spoiled, let him capricious.

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