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How to be happy

2018-01-04 19:12:00

Happiness is a choice, and your state of mind can determine your level of happiness. Find your true self and love yourself. In fact, the door of happiness is never closed, live out a state you do not know, and enjoy a wonderful life with your heart.


If we want to be happy, we must first accept our life, we must take the initiative to take the trouble, the pain, the humiliation, and the unhappiness that life brings us, accepting the imperfection of life, accepting the unhappiness in life, is actually an effective way to be happy.


Clearly understand who you really are, you are not your academic performance, you are not your handsome beauty, you are not your success or failure, these external things, are not the inner true self, out of the confusion in the heart, free yourself.


Be sure to take good care of yourself, pain is not love, the real happiness is from the heart, the inner, this is the gift of each of us, for those who are not important people or things, it is not worth it, love yourself, don't let yourself in the unhappy entanglement.


Learn to look for your own advantages, when you especially appreciate a person, the kind of characteristics you appreciate, you must also have, otherwise it will not resonate, which requires you to dig it out, enlarge it, so that you can truly see and let others feel.


Don't act as a savior, each of us is a tiny dust in this big world, so we can't be complacent because we have a little achievement, others may not care at all, so don't guide and dominate others with a high attitude.


Happiness and unhappiness are the two wolves in your heart, so whether you can be happy depends on the Wolf can live in your heart, a bad Wolf as a whole makes you unhappy, a good Wolf as a whole makes you happy, who can live in your heart depends on you, depending on how you train them, as long as you think about happy things all day, the good Wolf will naturally grow into the Wolf in your heart.