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How to buy auto insurance

2018-03-16 03:12:46

Now the car has almost become a standard means of transportation for every family, with a car will be for the car insurance, generally buy a car of the whole car insurance includes what insurance coverage?


Compulsory traffic insurance. The full name of compulsory insurance is motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance, is the state mandatory provisions must buy auto insurance types, the main function is to ensure that the car personnel and the insured personal injury, property loss, refers to the insurer in accordance with the insured to pay the insurance amount within the scope of compulsory liability insurance. If a motor vehicle owner or vehicle owner fails to purchase compulsory traffic insurance according to regulations, the department may detain the vehicle and impose a fine on the vehicle owner.


Three liability insurance. The full name of the three liability insurance is third party liability insurance, and the amount of insurance insured is determined by the insured himself, generally 500,000, 1 million or higher. This kind of insurance is mainly to protect the vehicle driver in the process of driving an accident, resulting in the third party suffered personal injury or property damage, by the insurer in the insurance amount paid to the third party victims, which is equivalent to a supplementary insurance.


Scratch insurance. Scratch insurance is mainly designed for the paint scratches on the car, if your technology is not very pass, in the drive will often have the behavior of rubbing, then it is recommended that you buy this kind of insurance for your car, after all, the cost of each paint is still relatively expensive, compared to the premium, it is a trivial matter oh.


Car damage insurance. Car damage insurance refers to the legal driver of the vehicle when driving the vehicle accident, resulting in vehicle damage, the insurer should be in accordance with the insurance amount to compensate the insurer. On the road, accidents are always everywhere. In order to reduce the loss of accidents, you may wish to buy a vehicle damage insurance for your car.


Theft and robbery insurance. Theft insurance refers to their own car stolen, or after the vehicle was robbed, the insurer in accordance with the value of the insured to the insured insurance, this kind of insurance is generally suitable for those who do not have a fixed parking lot, after all, the car is always parked in the unguarded place, the chance of car theft is very high. But this kind of insurance only covers the vehicle itself, not the contents of the car.


Dabble in water. Water insurance mainly refers to the summer rain season, after the vehicle is flooded, the insurance will compensate the owner according to the insured value of the insurance, this kind of insurance is more suitable for places with more rain,


Excluding deductible. The full name of non-deductible insurance is non-deductible special insurance, it is a kind of additional insurance, can not be insured alone, must be insured in the vehicle damage insurance or three liability insurance after additional insurance, this insurance is mainly a part of the insured should bear the responsibility in proportion to the insurer, which is equivalent to increasing the insurer's insurance liability.


Driving insurance. Driving insurance is mainly to protect the drivers and passengers on the car, a kind of insurance, now a lot of insurance generally only introduced the insurance amount of 10,000 yuan driving insurance, of course, the premium is also very cheap, which is equivalent to buying an accident protection for the passengers on the car.


The glass insurance. Glass insurance generally rarely have the opportunity to buy, this kind of insurance is mainly to protect the glass on the vehicle, if the glass on the vehicle is broken, as long as it is not intentionally done by the insured, you can get insurance compensation, by the insurance for the insured to pay more bad vehicle glass money.

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