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How to buy ice bracelets, ice bracelets which is good

2018-03-17 09:36:56

As with the purchase of other jade jewelry, it is necessary to look at the jade bracelet material itself, that is, "kind, water, color." Close to the glass, good transparency is better. Vivid, bright, spiritual, and even fluorescent best. Color green or near green is preferred. However, in the purchase of ice jade bracelets, if you simply follow this method, and ignore some of the matters that should be paid attention to, you may buy a bracelet that is not your satisfaction, or even spend money. Here are a few very important considerations.


Do not make the mistake of understanding that the glass kind of jade bracelet must be better than the ice kind of jade bracelet. After all, the glass jade bracelet is not equal to the perfect jade bracelet, a lot of black cotton, gray and black color, hair evil. In contrast, the color is pure, green, the background color is clean, and the ice jade bracelet without any flaws has a higher value.


Do not mistake the crystal particles are very thick, but the transparency of the bean seed jade is understood as ice jade. This kind of bean jadeite looks like ice jadeite, in fact, its particles are very thick, theoretically can only be considered bean jadeite.


Do not simply understand that the jade bracelet with very thin stripes is an ice jade bracelet. Because the transparency of the jade is not very good in the cutting and grinding is very thin, the light transmittance increases, and the water naturally "becomes" much better.


Don't overlook the base color of the emerald bracelet. The ice jade bracelet is between transparent and translucent, black, gray or blue background color will glow each other under a certain transparency, lingering. No obvious feelings for a short time, slowly evolved into disgust, nausea.