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How to buy Mind puzzle hair in Sky Dance game

2018-02-16 20:48:00

Sky dance is a female to the game, is a dance costume type of game, characters are also very beautiful, the gameplay is also very interesting, today we talk about the sky dance game how to buy things inside.


win 7 64-bit


Sky Dance micro version


First of all, you need to open the micro version of the sky dance game, and then fill in your account, if not, you can click login or login, you can.


Click to log in, you need to fill in their own number and password, after filling in, click to log in.


Log in to your account and you can choose the area service you want to enter, and entering the area service will enter the game interface.


After entering the game interface, click on the top right, enter to buy your favorite things.


There will be a search bar at the bottom of the center, and it will be faster to search directly, instead of searching page by page.


Finally, in the search bar search mind puzzle, this hairstyle will appear, click to buy.

Sum up

1. First of all, you need to open the microterminal version of the Sky Dance game, click to log in. 2. After logging in, select an area uniform and enter the main interface of the game. 3. After entering the game interface, click on the top, search for your favorite things and click to buy.

Matters needing attention

Arrange your game time reasonably, don't be addicted to the game.


You can put a pot of green plants next to the computer, which can effectively reduce the radiation brought by electronic products.