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How to buy Pomeranian Hadori

2018-01-08 11:12:00

The Hadley Pomeranian, also known as the English Pomeranian, is a very small and cute dog, which is a small toy dog suitable for families with children. Many people who love small pets want to raise a Hadori Pomeranian, but do not know how to choose, although there are many sellers selling Pomeranian pups on the market, and the pups look small and cute, but they may not always look as cute as they are now, and it is difficult to find purebred Hadori Pomeranian. So if you want to buy a Hadley Pomeranian how to choose? Next I will make some personal suggestions for your reference.


A photo of a pure-blood Hadley Pomeranian.


A pair of sharp eyes that can see through deception.


First, to choose a Hadley Pomeranian, first carefully observe its appearance and body type. In order to choose a good breed of Hadley Pomeranian on the market is still some difficult, it is recommended that you carefully observe its body shape when choosing, and refer to the following points: The overall body shape of the puppy is short and compact, short neck, the forelimbs are upright and not bent, the tail is closer to the back, the body looks strong and can obviously feel its weight, no disability or other defects, etc., need to carefully observe the front, side and back of the Harley Pomeranian puppy, select a healthy and strong good dog. In addition, if you want to choose a dog to breed, it is best not to pick one that is too small.


Second, if you want to pick out a Hadley Pomeranian that will become beautiful when it grows up, you must carefully observe its facial features. Many sellers of Pomeranian pups on the Internet will only provide one or two full face photos of the pups before discussing them with the buyer, so it is recommended to be cautious when buying a Hadley Pomeranian pups online, carefully observe their appearance and refer to the following points: The whole face is fox-shaped, the forehead is slightly wide and prominent from the side, the ears are erect and not too wide apart, the eyes are dark almond shape and medium size and not very prominent, the eyes are also close together, and the nose is small and slightly pointed, such cubs grow up to be absolutely beautiful.


Third, if you want to buy a Hadley Pomeranian as a pet, it is best to touch its hair texture. If you can touch the Hadley Pomeranian you want to choose to buy, then be sure to carefully touch its hair, and then you can refer to the following points: the hair is best to be soft and fluffy, the fur is long and straight, looks very thick and not easy to lose hair, and appears very good in the light. In addition, if you want to buy it, you must remember to often help it comb and take care of its hair, so that the Hadley Pomeranian will appear more lovely and pleasing.


Fourth, when selecting, do not forget to observe the shape, behavior and mental state of the Hadley Pomeranian. A healthy Hadley Pomeranian is usually very active and pleasant, if you want to choose not only healthy and good breeds of Hadley Pomeranian, then it is necessary to observe its shape and behavior, it is recommended to choose a lively cub who often has a high chest and head, stands firmly, walks gracefully, is energetic and likes to run and jump, but also pay attention to observe its personality. I mean, it's sharp, but does it bite? Are you bad? It is best to meet people more docile Hadley Pomeranian is better to keep.


If you want to buy a pure-blood Hadley Pomeranian, it is best to choose a Hadley Pomeranian pup with a pedigree certificate. Many buyers who buy Hadley Pomeranian dogs for breeding purposes are more hoping to buy purebred Hadley Pomeranian dogs, but it is really necessary to spend a small amount of money and energy, purebred purebred purebred puppies are relatively rare in the market, and most of the sellers who are said to sell purebred dogs do not have a purebred pedigree certificate, it is recommended to buy abroad. And in the selection of puppies, be sure to remember to let the seller provide a pedigree certificate to check, to avoid being cheated. It should also be noted that it is best not to choose puppies from closely related dogs.


Six, pay attention! It is best to buy a good breed of Hadley Pomeranian from a reputable seller. Usually in the general pet market is difficult to buy purebreds or breeds of good Hadley Poundus, so if you want to choose to buy not afraid of spending money, it is best to buy Hadley Poundus pups in a trusted kennel there, you can go online to find the kennel way, and then hit the seller, ask the other side to provide recent photos, videos, and then look at the photos of the parents of the pups to buy, If you are really not assured, you can also go to the kennel location to buy.


If you just want to buy a good-looking Harley Pomeranian puppy, you can also directly buy online. If you do not want to buy a purebred dog, you can also find friends who are willing to sell their pups on major online shopping platforms, or Pomeranian exchange platforms, and carefully buy Harley Pomeranian pups after detailed discussion with each other. In addition, you can also try to find and download photos of worthy references and good breeds of Hadley Pomeranian puppies on the Internet, and do more comparison and comparison, so that it is easier to judge.


Eight, not whether it is a purebred dog, the breed is good, as long as it is brought home to raise, it needs the owner to be responsible for this small life, love. No matter whether the Harley Pomeranian you buy is beautiful or pure, as long as it is a Pomeranian, the owner needs to accompany it at all times, love and care for it, often take lively Harley Pomeranian out for walks and games, pay more attention to feeding and daily care, do more to improve and sincerely treat it. It won't take long to raise a good dog that is loyal, docile and cheerful!

Matters needing attention

It is best to choose the pups with relatively tight paw and toe spacing.


Generally speaking, the body shape of the Pomeranian is too small, although cute but more difficult to keep, it is recommended to choose carefully.