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How to calculate the buying and selling price of the fund

2018-03-07 03:12:00

As one of the more common ways of financing, the fund has been very concerned, but for the beginners of the fund, but even the purchase and redemption of the fund do not know how to determine the price, the following is the introduction of the fund: fund purchase price determination




Below is a chart of a fund's net worth per unit


First look at the determination of the fund purchase price, the price of the fund is determined by the T day (generally refers to the non-national statutory holidays from Monday to Friday) at 3 p.m. for the watershed, if you buy before 3 o 'clock on the T day, the unit net value of the day is the transaction price of the fund. If I buy before 3 o 'clock on January 5, it will be sold at the price of 1.1990 per copy on January 5


If I buy after 3pm on the T day, I will trade at the price of T+1 (if I buy after 3pm on January 4, I will trade at the price of 1.1990 on the 5th day


After the purchase price is determined, the share will be determined on T+1, and the share = (purchase amount - purchase amount * purchase cost)/unit price. As shown in the figure, I bought 500 yuan of funds after 3 o 'clock on January 4, and the transaction price was 1.1990 per unit at the price on January 5, and the subscription rate was 0.15%. The share obtained was (500-500*0.15%) /1.1990=416.39 units


The selling price is also based on the dividing line of 3 p.m. on the T day, and if sold before 3 p.m., the unit price of the day is traded, and if sold after 3 p.m., the price of T+1 is traded. It is just that the time to buy is only to determine the amount of funds to buy, T+1 to determine how many shares to buy, and sell is to determine how many funds to sell, T+1 to determine how much money to sell, as shown in the figure that I sold the fund on the evening of January 25, then the selling price is 1.2760 per 25+1


Actual received amount = sold share * unit price - Redemption fee As shown in the figure, received amount =831.05*1.2760- redemption fee