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How to choose a baby bed?

2018-04-12 01:36:34

After the baby is born, many mothers let the baby sleep with them. In fact, mother and baby should not share the bed, because adults sometimes roll over or do other actions when it is easy to hurt the baby. So you can prepare a special small bed for the baby, next to the mother's bed, to solve this problem, but also conducive to breastfeeding the baby. So how to choose a small bed for the baby?


When choosing a small bed, the surface of the bed must be smooth, there can be no prominent objects, especially the wooden bed, be sure to check whether there are burrs, otherwise it is easy to hurt the baby.


When choosing a small bed, the bed bracket must be stable, the structure must be solid, and the baby must be safe to jump on.


When choosing a cot, smell for pungent smells. In particular, the bed with lacquer should be guaranteed to be a safe source and free of toxic odors. So make sure you buy a proper one.


This page is based on experience


When choosing a small bed, pay attention to the corners of the bed to be more smooth. In particular, the metal bed is best wrapped with something to prevent the baby from getting hurt.


After the small bed is selected, the mother can hang some fun, bright colors and safe toys on the small bed to attract the baby's attention and make the baby not so boring.