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How to choose a car air purifier

2018-04-22 12:48:39

Family cars are becoming more and more popular, and many owners have just bought new cars, and the taste inside is too big for many owners to adapt. The air pollution sources in the car mainly come from the car itself and the decorations in the car, among which formaldehyde, xylene, benzene and other toxic substances are the most serious pollution. If you do not deal with these pollutants, it will bring great danger to your health. Because the car is closed most of the time, many owners are considering buying a car air purifier. However, many people do not know enough about car purifiers, resulting in difficulties in choice. Here I give you some suggestions for your reference.


Purification methods HEPA net, activated carbon net, dust removal net, photocatalyst, negative ion, UV sterilization lamp is standard. However, the purification method of most products on the market is very single. HEPA is the most effective material on the market to remove smog and PM2.5. The level of HEPA filter is also important, and brands such as IQ-air and Linyang use top filters. Activated carbon net and photocatalyst can remove formaldehyde. The filling rate and weight of activated carbon are important indicators. The higher the filling rate, the better. The heavier the weight, the better. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp can be sterilized.


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Fan and air duct design The fan should be ball type to improve the life of the fan; The fan should be plastic sealed to reduce noise; The design of the air duct should be reasonable to form the convection and circulation of air.


Whether it is convenient to place in the car, safe appearance, easy to fix and easy to move. Manufacturing materials are resistant to high temperature and flame retardant


Design human and beautiful appearance Design refined to match your car. Button, shift, switch and other operations should be simple and convenient. The body provides additional power interfaces, etc

Matters needing attention

Finally, I want to emphasize that the purification method is the focus, performance is the main goal, to shop around, do not blindly follow the trend to buy.