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How to choose a sports drink

2018-04-13 20:48:08

There has been a misunderstanding of sports drinks, when I was a child, I heard the rumor that "drinking sports drinks girls have to grow a beard", and I really began to pay attention to sports drinks when I began to exercise, I had a certain understanding. Many people will focus on sports drinks and energy drinks confused, but the two in principle can not replace each other.


Emphasis on the role of sports drinks: sports drinks are formulated according to the characteristics of physiological consumption during exercise, which can be targeted to supplement the nutrients lost during exercise, play a role in maintaining and improving athletic ability, and accelerate the elimination of fatigue after exercise.


Heavy energy drinks: The main purpose is to improve human energy, reduce fatigue, improve attention and human concentration. It can also improve people's sports performance, drinking before exercise can improve the maximum oxygen uptake, exhausting exercise time. Typical energy drinks generally contain stimulants such as caffeine, L-carnitine, ginseng extract, glucuronolactone, etc., and may also contain varying amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, sodium, and other minerals.


The most common drinks on the market now are Red Bull, with white sugar, taurine and caffeine added to the drink, which is suitable for tired people who use the brain excessively, or drink after high-intensity exercise, and the hydration effect is small;


Sports drinks taste rich, slightly astringent taste, containing vitamins and niacin, suitable for general endurance sports people, but contains glucose syrup, a large amount of drinking will cause fat precipitation in the liver.


There are some relatively neutral drinks, compound nutrient drinks burning lux, no sugar, no preservatives, color flavor, no caffeine, has won the international award patent formula, not only suitable for daily hydration, stay up late overtime and exercise drinking can also improve metabolism, help lose weight.


tips: Before exercise, you need to supplement drinks, store sugar and water, and pay attention to drinking a small amount of times during exercise. It is not recommended to drink a large amount of sports drinks containing white sugar, fructose and caffeine daily, which will increase the burden on the liver, and it is more suitable to drink sports drinks when the exercise intensity is larger and the time is longer.