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How to choose a storage electric water heater

2018-04-22 08:00:33

Water storage electric water heater is a product that many families have to buy, a good water heater can be used for a long time without problems, it is more convenient to use, faced with so many brands and styles on the market how to choose a safe and reliable water storage electric water heater? Let's take a look.


Now there are often electric water heater leakage injury accidents, so the purchase of electric water heater when anti-leakage protection is very important. General storage electric water heaters have ground protection, anti-dry burning, anti-overtemperature, anti-overpressure device four conventional protection, be sure to ask clearly when buying.


The choice of capacity is also more important, when buying to pay attention to the family population and hot water consumption, one or two people and three or four people twice the amount of difference, generally speaking, 60 liters is the conventional capacity, if more than 3 people in the family recommend to choose a larger capacity.


The water heater has a humanized functional design is more important, so that it is more convenient, energy saving and comfortable to use. Generally, the storage water heater with a slightly higher price has a timely heating function, medium temperature insulation, memory function, reservation function, etc.


The inner tank is the key to the storage electric water heater, and the performance and quality of the inner tank directly determine the service life of the storage electric water heater. From the corrosion resistance, heat preservation, service life and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, the market to enamel liner is better.


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General electric water heaters are used frequently, and energy-saving water heaters save money. The energy efficiency level of storage electric water heaters is divided into 1-5 grades, of which 1 is the highest, 2 is secondary, and 5 is the lowest, therefore, the energy saving level of storage electric water heaters can be directly looked at the energy efficiency level of water heaters.


When you buy water heaters, you should also pay attention to service, not to say how good the service is when you buy, the key is to see the warranty period of the product, whether it is installed at the door, whether it is free maintenance.