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How to choose health care products for the elderly

2018-04-11 11:12:06

How do middle-aged and elderly people choose their own health care products? Health care products have health care functions, but eating health care products without science will not only not play a health care effect, but also damage the health of the elderly. Not according to the need to take health care products will lead to A certain dysfunction of the body and the resulting other side effects, a single vitamin supplement, but it is not easy to discharge vitamin A and so on, sometimes may be toxic. Some Chinese herbal supplements eat too much, will cause toxicity, liver damage and other consequences. Some health care products add a certain amount of hormones, users must pay attention to the overall balance, more hormones are very harmful to health. Health care products are not for the purpose of treatment, only for disease prevention and health maintenance, suitable for specific groups, such as sub-healthy people, a certain vitamin deficiency. Therefore, health care products can not be used as daily diet substitutes, which the elderly should pay special attention to. Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly can take some calcium supplements and health products, if it is iron deficiency anemia, in addition to increasing the absorption of iron from food, you can eat some iron-containing health products. However, iron supplementation should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor, because iron is not easily excreted from the body, and excessive iron supplementation can lead to iron poisoning. Before the purchase of health care products, the elderly should first test the body according to what to choose health care products? Although taking health care products does not require a doctor to prescribe, anti-aging health care products can be taken by the elderly. However, it is best to choose the appropriate health care products after comprehensive analysis according to the comprehensive physical examination of the elderly. The elderly should have a physical examination in the spring and autumn every year, and it is best to consult a nutrition doctor before taking health products. If you are worried about the lack of a certain trace element in the blood, go to the hospital nutrition department to do hair tests or blood tests, according to the results of the examination, see what is missing, how much is missing, the doctor gives the appropriate supplement program. After adjustment for a period of time, the elderly should be tested again, if the indicator is up to standard, do not supplement. Because additional supplements will cause other discomfort. The elderly can take health care products: first, anti-aging health care products, its main function is to fight free radicals. Vitamin C, vitamin E, astaxanthin, etc. One is to improve immunity, promote metabolic function of health care products. First, health products that improve intestinal function, such as lactase. In particular, do not eat a health care product for too long, because health is to be "balanced". The specific selection of health care products should pay attention to the following six steps: recognize the attributes, that is, to see whether they belong to the specific population listed by a health care product. Find your needs, your body. Understand the active ingredients in the product (efficacy ingredients), and do not divert attention from the efficacy claims in advertising. Adjustment of sleep health care products, there are 40 or 50 kinds on the market, the name is not the same, the publicity is not the same, but its effective ingredients are the same. Note the production unit and approval number to see if there is a "key" font. See whether there is a "suitable population" on the precautions of the product manual, if there is no such description, at least you can judge that this health care product is irregular. Some health care products also listed the "unsuitable population", be sure to carefully read the control before buying.