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How to choose the best skin care products

2018-04-07 12:48:11

No one is completely satisfied with the condition of their skin, and there are many reasons for dissatisfaction, such as not fine enough, not moist enough, not white enough, not red enough and red blood and so on. So, do you want flawless skin without makeup? So from the choice and use of skin care products are quite exquisite. Let's study it with Xiaobian!


Skin care product


At present, most of the circulating products in the skin care market are first mass-produced products corresponding to different skin types by manufacturers, relying on shopping malls or beauty salons as sales channels, and then introducing existing products to customers through professional shopping guides corresponding to the characteristics of different skin types.


No alcohol, buy skin care products must not contain alcohol. Up to now, I have been using Bedo's plant skin care products, the effect is not stimulating. No harm to body or skin.


Choose according to your skin type and needs. If it's not clear, read the product description or ask the counter for advice before buying skin care products.


Vitamin C can effectively remove free radicals, and help delay skin aging, so that damaged cells can be effectively repaired, so under normal circumstances, many spot reduction cosmetics are added with vitamin C.

Matters needing attention

Keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water.


Breakfast after drinking soy milk is very good for women, eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement water and vitamin C in addition, there is a daily moisturizing toner with skin care products.


Do a moisturizing mask 1-2 times a week consistently, so that you become white and beautiful.