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How to choose the frame according to pupil distance

2018-03-03 22:24:00

What is the relationship between the pupil distance of the two eyes and the matching glasses? Pupil distance means pupil distance. The distance between the pupils of the two eyes when the eyes are facing or parallel. Pupil distance is the most important part of glasses, the most important thing is to measure pupil distance. The preparation of a pair of qualified glasses is closely related to pupil distance, and the selection of frames is determined according to pupil distance.


According to many years of clinical practice, the pupil distance should be measured first in the optometry, and then select the frame, which will make the eye consistent with the pupil distance. If the frame shape does not adapt to the pupil distance, the optician can appropriately move the pupil distance in or out during the processing, and the glasses that match the pupil distance can be matched. If the pupil distance is not accurate, there will be optical deviation, resulting in dizziness, and even double vision or prism production, causing serious harm to the eyes.


When you do not understand your degree and pupil distance, do not easily shop for frame glasses, you must understand before you can match the right glasses. You can choose the offline door optometry of Kede Glasses website, or send us the glasses you are currently wearing, so that you can match the same comfort glasses at home, which is the clone glasses launched by Kede Glasses website.


Most friends in the choice of frames, mainly from the perspective of beauty, in fact, beauty is important, but in order to protect the eyes, but also must be considered from the perspective of health. We all know that the distance between the pupils of the eyes is called pupil distance.


According to the distance of sight, near sight, and divided into far, near pupil distance, the purpose of measuring pupil distance in optometry is mainly to make the optical distance of the two lenses fitted with glasses consistent with the pupil distance, the optical and pupil position consistent, to ensure that the eye can pass the optical sight, otherwise, it is easy to produce the so-called 'prism' effect.


Dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, eye muscle fatigue, a long time to affect vision, and even strabismus. The size of the prism depends on the lens degree and the distance from the viewpoint to the optical center, and is proportional to it.


If the pupil distance is small, it is more difficult to choose the frame. Especially if the face is wide or square, it is difficult to choose a frame. When the pupil distance is small and the frame is large, it will produce the role of a prism, and the eye can not be worn. If you choose a small frame according to the principle of matching glasses, it does not match the face shape, and it does not look good. In order to make up for this deficiency, attention can be paid to the decoration of the mirror bridge and the mirror arm.

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