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How to choose the location of the proposal?

2018-01-08 16:00:00

Now more and more young people will play romance, when proposing, it is a variety of tricks, time and place become all the troubles of the proposer, a good environment the higher the success rate of your proposal, these places are very good, you choose.


When there are many people in the movie, shoot your past into a beautiful moment on the mv screen, you are holding flowers, kneeling on one knee, deep confession, the success rate is very high! Let more people witness the process of your love. The crowd is Shouting together. It's beautiful.


Romantic seaside before and after the fall of night, holding her in the seaside walk, like an accidental encounter, in advance with fireworks into a heart, take her into the inside, fireworks around, fireworks in the sky, blooming beautiful flowers, kneeling to propose. Would you like to see every ebb and flow with you next.


The downstairs of her home at night with candles placed in a heart shape, holding flowers in the center, hit him to the window, affectionately shout out her name, ask her whether she accepts your love and the rest of her life!


Daring to choose KTV while singing this love song while proposing, this is a successful case, order some wine, drink while singing, let the waiter prepare a bunch of flowers, such as drinking almost, invite the girlfriend to sing love songs together, near the end of the flowers, singing on the screen for life, take out the ring kneeling to propose.


Once the campus took her back to the place where you once went to school, recalling the beautiful campus life at that time, the laughter and laughter still echoed in the ears, standing at the entrance of the Alma mater, solemnly make a promise, a pair of people for life, you can be willing to.


Can camp on the top of the mountain in the name of play together to climb to the top of the mountain, enjoy the beauty, talk about the next planning for the future and life ideals, the beauty at the foot of the distance, facing the sunset, the vision of the future to her repeat, ask her if she is willing to work with you to see every sunrise and sunset in the next life.