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How to choose the right ring?

2018-03-18 08:00:00

Choosing a ring is a very difficult thing for Xiaobian, and I really don't know how to choose at the beginning, there is no standard at all. Sometimes according to the appearance is very good, but look at the material, cheap things are cheap, but feel not to send; After the advantage of the appearance of the material is very good, but not too close to the hand or the price is too high. Of course, some friends say custom, but the price of custom is expensive, for the rich second generation or local rich this is a good solution. But for our ordinary income personnel, what should be considered cost-effective, can not be too humiliating, this thing is not easy to do. Later, Xiaobian is also hard to do some surveys, to see some female colleagues' hobbies or some female students or some passers-by, etc., to get several important aspects of information, to sum up for everyone, do not blame the writing is not good, the Xiaobian writing is not good, there are not many words, just concise and comprehensive to share with you, do not despise.




Appearance shape: The first is the appearance shape is not good, this is a perceptual cognition, can also be said to be an artistic appreciation, girls on the appearance of the ring shape requirements are particularly high, she feels not good, no matter how expensive. Generally round, with curved edges, not high profile, or relatively high profile and special style. Two styles are more liked by girls, as long as the appearance feels good or classy, slightly cheaper girls will not care very much.


Size: There is the size of the size, do not underestimate this, as long as you are not customized, you have to consider its size, not on the hand, small is not suitable. You think about it, when you give it to your lover, a very loose, big, if it is a proposal, you think you will be very lucky. In addition, some friends are taking their girlfriends to pick, some bought on the spot, some came back to buy a person, give some surprises first; There are also some friends who want to give a surprise, directly pick themselves, it is estimated that this kind of friends are also very confident, then you will "measure" the size of her fingers, can not take calipers. You can use your fingers to compare some, about how much, how much difference, this is difficult, surprise is not so easy to create.


Structural composition: Similar to the appearance shape, this is a question of structure and composition, whether it is a combination of gold and masonry or platinum and masonry, or pure precious metals. Some friends or colleagues prefer the platinum and rounded edge of the brick, which can be wrapped around the ring or set in a third of the ring.


Material composition: Next is the ring material, now many young married have to spend tens of thousands or more money to buy a ring. What kind of material are there in general, platinum, gold, palladium, etc., plus masonry, more women like platinum, so as long as you live well, want to make her happy and want to buy, platinum is a good choice, but also to be rational, because platinum is almost the most expensive, the color is also very good.


Comfort: If it is to take a girlfriend or lover to pick, you will immediately know whether it is comfortable. Even if everything is good, it is not comfortable to take it, then it is useless to dry grade. Generally, the thickness of the cut-off ring should not be too thick, and the height should be a little higher. The contact area is larger, and the pressure on the finger skin by the ring will be less, so the comfort will be better after wearing it (this is the idea of Xiaobian).


Cost performance: We are not rich people to buy things or workers to buy things, most of the friends who are not emotional to buy things will look at a lot of things, to see whether it is worth buying. The same goes for rings, if the ring is out of your budget or you don't think the ring is as high as the price, you will be less willing to buy it. Sometimes the girlfriend will understand this, although they all like it, but when it comes to strengthening, the quality is relatively unable to keep up with the price, that is, the price is relatively low, she will not want to sell.