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How to choose toys for children of all ages

2018-03-28 00:00:42

When we choose toys for children of all ages, we need to know some scientific knowledge as the basis for choosing toys. Different age groups should have different criteria: Children of different age groups, their physical and psychological characteristics are different, even children of the same age group, also have their own characteristics, play to understand their interests, hobbies, intelligence level, do not buy toys according to their own likes and dislikes and interests, as far as possible to take children to buy toys, let children participate in the purchase of toys, which is also a good opportunity for children to exercise. Infant and beginner walking shoes age group experts believe that babies also need toys, they are born with a variety of sensory abilities, they respond to the smell of the surrounding environment, sound, touch subtle changes. Babies can learn about the size, shape, sound, structure and function of objects through toys. An active toy hanging in the crib allows the baby's eyes to play a "tracking game." This age group should pay attention to the purchase of toys: choose large toys, will not let the baby swallow. Lightweight toys that are easy to grip. Such as ringing bells, plastic toys. A toy without sharp angles or edges. Bright, non-toxic toys. Such as soft toy dolls, stuffed animals, help baby touch training. However, it is necessary to ensure that such toys are sewn firmly, not easy to tear, and that the eyes and nose are firm and not easy to pull off. The baby began to sit, you can buy painted blocks, bowls, boxes, cups, stacking toys and so on. You can also give them some simple picture books (images of objects they are familiar with). For children who are beginning to walk to buy drag toys, music toys, audio clock, trolley, doll trolley, you can also choose some simple disassembly group toys, doll stuffed animals and so on. In the 1-3 year age group, children in this period are already able to stagger and walk, so they are very active. You can give them some sports training toys, let them learn to climb, ride. Toys suitable for this age group are low tricycles, large rides, and trolleys. Outdoor toys are: ball, inflatable toys, small pool, sand closet toys. You can also choose small furniture, small equipment, utensils, four seasons small clothing, dolls, stuffed toys and so on. Let them play imitation games. In order to exercise creative ability and hand flexibility, you can choose more complex disassembly toys, a variety of structural blocks, simple puzzles and other intellectual toys. Children in this age group are interested in music and can pick out drums, toy pianos, horns, etc. Children in this age group already know how to imitate, and they always want to imitate the actions of adults and play some imitation games. All kinds of costumes, all kinds of equipment are indispensable tools in the game. You can choose from puppets, game merchants, game currency, imitation small food, farm toys, bus station, doll furniture, etc. Transportation toys are also very popular among children in this age group. Outdoor toys suitable for them are: a variety of exercise equipment, riding cars, two wheels with protective wheels and so on. You can also introduce some simple electronic toys suitable for children of this age group. 6-9 years old age group suitable for this age group of toys are board games, a variety of board games, card games, billiard games, kites, etc., this kind of toys help exercise children's thorough thinking ability, fashion dolls, special dolls, villains, etc., are beneficial toys for boys and girls. Paintings, scientific instruments, handicrafts, electric trains, racing cars, and construction toys all help children understand society. The equipment suitable for this age group's sports game activities are bicycles, skates, skates, pedal sports cars and so on. Children in this age group have some reading ability, parents can provide 仳 some simple children's books, clay, miniature human, car, pile driving games and toys, which will help them broaden their vision, to imagine, imitate and create. 9-12 years old age group This age period should pay attention to the development of children's special skills, give them a variety of models, magic games, construction toys, handicrafts, chemical and scientific testing equipment, large curve puzzles and so on. Boys and girls in this age group should be treated equally, so that they go outdoors to play a variety of recreational equipment is the best sports game activity. Playing chess, cards and video games can make them interact with each other, improve their social communication skills, especially conducive to the cultivation of agile thinking skills and thinking methods, and at the same time, games can consolidate the knowledge learned in school. Older children in this age group also like to play table tennis, billiards and video games. Children like to perform puppet shows, and parents can provide them with some props, costumes, colorful scenery and marionettes. Children in this age group enjoy not only equipment and books, but also paintings, sculptures, ceramics and other arts and crafts. Carefully choose toys that children are interested in, so that they learn quickly and remember quickly in the game, and all children who create something in the game will become imaginative people in adulthood.