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How to clean a range hood

2018-01-13 03:12:00

Now the home cooking can not leave the range hood, but after a period of time, the range hood becomes dirty, not only ugly, but also affects the effect of the range hood, so how to clean the range hood? Today Xiaobian to introduce some methods, I hope to be useful to you.


Detergent or laundry detergent for range hood


, rags, basins, gloves

Range hood surface cleaning

Method 1: Steam heating method to pour the right amount into the pot, boil, open the range hood, water vapor will be sucked into the range hood, hot water vapor can soften, liquefied oil in the range hood, some oil will flow into the oil box, so that less oil, cleaning up will be more convenient. Then pour cleaning agent on the cloth and wash with water


Method 2: Hair dryer heating method Use hair dryer to blow the range hood for about ten minutes, use high temperature to soften and liquefy the oil in the range hood, so that the oil part flows into the oil box, and then pour cleaning agent on the rag dipped in water to clean


Method 3: Spray cleaning agent method can buy a special cleaning agent to spray the range hood, if there is no watering can, you can use a needle on the cap of the mineral water bottle with some small holes, and then put the bottle into the right amount of cleaning agent (can use dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent or special cleaning agent) and then into the hot water, tighten the lid, and then the bottle cap to the range hood cover, squeeze the bottle. Make the cleaning liquid inside spray into the range hood shell, and then open the range hood, the oil and dirty water into the range hood, pour the oil and dirty water in the oil box, repeat several times, will reduce a lot of oil, and then use a rag dipped in water to clean the surface.

Clean the inside of the range hood

Turn off the power supply of the range hood, remove the oil net, and pay attention to the motor part inside if it is not suitable for professionals.


Then pour washing powder or dishwashing liquid into the basin, add hot water, soak the oil net in the good cleaning solution, soak for 15 minutes, and then take out the oil net, clean the oil net with a rag or a soft brush, be careful not to use a steel ball, easy to scratch the coating on the oil net.


Use the watering can to fill the cleaning liquid and spray it at the wind wheel, and then use the rag to extend it and scrub it clean, or you can start the range hood and let the wind wheel rotate to absorb the dissolved oil and flow into the oil box.


After cleaning the oil, rinse the oil net, and then dry the water, and then put the oil net and the panel back. On the surface of the range hood coated with a layer of cleaning liquid, can effectively isolate the oil, the next cleaning will be better.

Clean oil tank

Remove the oil container, pour out the oil, soak in the cleaning solution for 15 minutes, and then clean with a brush.


Add an appropriate amount of cleaning agent or dishwashing liquid in the oil box, add a little water, and then put the oil box back, when using the oil hood, the oil will be dissolved by the cleaning agent, rather than attached to the oil box, the next time the oil box will be much more convenient.

Matters needing attention

To prevent injury to hands, wear gloves when cleaning the lampblack machine