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How to compare documents in word

2018-03-13 01:36:22

A word document edited and saved to others to modify, how to know what the other party to modify it, the use of document comparison operation can quickly view the modification details.




office software


word2010 version


Prepare two documents. One is an unmodified word document and the other is a modified word document


Bring up Compare options in the order of review/compare/Compare documents, bring up the document Compare dialog box, in which the original document and the revised document are set as needed, in this case the document is "original.docx" and the revised document is set to" modify.docx"


Compare document Settings in the Compare document dialog box, compare Settings there are move, comment, format, table, header, footer, text box, footnote endnote and other items, you can select the comparison items according to the need, the system default is to select all


Display revision level ① Display level: In the Compare document dialog box, you can select the character level and word level in the display revision. ② Display position: In the display position of the revision, you can select which document to display the compared content, including the original document, the revised document, and the new document. Select the new document by default


View the comparison effect document Settings, display level, display position after setting, click OK, the system automatically generates a new comparison result document, which shows the revision content and revision results in detail, can be confirmed in the review mode

Matters needing attention

Do not reverse the order of the original document and the revised document


The display location setting is important. You are advised to set it to a new document for easy viewing and modification