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How to connect 04 Elantra Bluetooth

2018-03-13 06:24:00

The first is to set up their own handle and car Bluetooth open. Search car Bluetooth BYDAOUT, and then the link should be set to automatic connection, so that the car can be automatically connected to the multimedia Settings open music, and then return, select music from the multimedia starting interface, click Play. 04 Elantra features The old Elantra gives me the feeling is soft, comfortable whether it is clutch shift, shock absorption is biased to comfortable style. In particular, the clutch shift is very gentle, the gear is very clear and it is very good to ride, and the leather seat gives a thick feeling and is soft. The rear is also spacious enough. The engine is quiet on the road. Vehicle soundproofing level individual is more satisfied with beautiful music, from now on on the car, only need to directly click on the music, play can, does not need to take out of the pocket car Bluetooth, TCS traction system, instrument brightness adjustable, automatic headlights, automatic air conditioning, seat heating. In particular, the vehicle sound system is worth mentioning.