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How to deal with fog in front windshield of car on rainy day

2018-04-14 14:24:10

The fog in the front windshield of the car is due to the high humidity of the air in the car, and the temperature difference between the car and the outside world is too large, resulting in the formation of water vapor condensation on the glass.

Here are some ways to deal with it:

Use air conditioning to remove fog: Most modern cars are equipped with an air conditioning system that includes a fog removal function. Turn on the air conditioner and select the fog removal mode to quickly remove fog from the windshield.


Use fogging agent: There are special fogging agents on the market that can be sprayed or wiped on the surface of the windshield to effectively remove fog. However, it should be noted that the use of defogging agent should avoid spraying to other parts to avoid damage.


Open the window to breathe: If the weather is not particularly bad, you can open the window to breathe for a period of time, so that the air in the car circulation, reduce humidity. However, it is important to note that opening the window may affect the temperature and safety of the car.


Wipe with a towel: You can wipe the surface of the windshield with a clean towel to remove water and fog on the surface. However, it is important to note that the towel should be kept dry and clean so as not to leave stains and bacteria.

Matters needing attention

In general, the above several methods can effectively solve the problem of car front windshield fog, the specific choice of which method depends on the weather conditions, personal preferences and actual situation.