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How to deal with yellow leaves of potted bamboo

2018-04-11 08:00:12

How to deal with yellow leaves of potted bamboo


1, water yellow: do not water in the pot, water is easy to rot the roots and leaves yellow. Solution: Put the flowers out of the pot and put them back in the pot after drying the soil mass in a cool and ventilated place.


2, xeroxy: Bamboo likes wet, if you ignore watering, or only pour the surface basin soil, the roots do not absorb enough water, the stems and leaves slowly turn yellow. Solution: Pay attention to watering foot, watering thoroughly.


3, burning yellow: bamboo can not be in the strong sunlight directly, which will cause the branches and leaves yellow. Solution: Move to a cool place.


4, lack of light yellow: bamboo likes warmth, long-term placed in a shaded environment, the plant growth is weak and then turn yellow. In winter, it is best to put in a place with sufficient sun, if placed in a place with insufficient light, coupled with poor ventilation and cold, it is easy to cause withered branches and leaves. Solution: Supplemental light can avoid the disease.


5, fat yellow: the concentration is too large or the use of fertilizer that has not yet decomposed is easy to burn seedlings even if dry, long-term without topdressing, it will be defertilized and yellow. Solution: Fertilizer should be stopped immediately, and some fertilizer should be washed with a lot of cleaning.


6, lack of fertilizer yellow: to regularly fertilize the bamboo, so that it has enough nutrients, nutrients in short supply, there will be yellow branches and leaves. Solution: Check the basin soil, if there is a dry phenomenon should change the soil, usually thin fertilizer and timely pouring some alum water (rich bamboo is a leaf plant should be nitrogenous fertilizer). Another reason for the yellow leaves is the lack of iron, you can buy some ferrous sulfate according to the instructions in the right amount of water, the simplest way can also find two small iron nails into the water (preferably rusty nails).