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How to decorate the car beauty

2018-03-15 16:00:00

Professional car beauty is usually composed of five parts: operation room (including car wash area and beauty area), fine house, reception room, painting room


Car beauty


(1) Operation room Decoration operation room is the main facility of car beauty, car beauty work is completed here. When the wall decoration of the wall operation room, attention should be paid to the selection of materials: first, the waterproof material should be selected first; The second is to choose anti-corrosion materials. The wall is white as the tone, if the chain, the wall hue should be basically the same. In addition, the wall should also hang "car beauty project card" and "standard charge card". The steps in and out of the floor operation room should be inclined plates, the size, width and slope of the inclined plates should be appropriate to the surface, and the inclined plate is too small will affect the convenience of the capacity and access. The floor of the business floor can not be too smooth, and the non-slip floor is indeed a key point of the interior decoration. The new floor should consider drainage problems, and the side with a drain can be lower to allow drainage. The roof of the house should be square (that is, aluminum alloy frame and lighter plate), and hang flags to promote the brand.


(2) The decoration is the place where the paving and financial personnel work, in addition to the decoration in accordance with the general office space, should also meet the following requirements: 1, the wall on the hanging of the job responsibilities of the functional people; 2, set up manager office desks and chairs and office supplies; 2, set up financial personnel office counter, its role is cashier and billing, generally located in the import and export office.


(3) Reception room decoration Reception room is a place to receive customers and customers to rest. Due to the high price of cars, owners often do not want their cars to leave their sight when they are beautified. Therefore, the reception room and the operation room should be separated by glass. In this way, it can reassure the owner and increase the transparency of the operation, so that the owner can understand how their car is changed from old to new. Reception room should be set up sofa, coffee table and water dispenser and other reception items. (1) Refined house decoration Refined house is mainly to provide some automotive supplies and car supplies. Such as car care fluid, car decorations and various car models to meet the requirements of different hobby groups. The boutique should be set up: window: mainly used for placing products and other goods, but also for placing promotional supplies and other displays. Closet: Used for exhibits, glass doors are appropriate. Counter: The counter and the closet are generally connected as one, and the counter is best to have other appliances that do not block the platform. (2) Paint room Large car beauty is still set up paint room, for the paint is seriously damaged, the primer is damaged by the car paint repair. (3) Water and electricity installation water supply: the water quality of the car beauty water supply is not high, but it requires sufficient water pressure and water supply. Drainage: The inner boundary line should be dug with drainage ditches to ensure that there is no sewage. The installation of the faucet, the installation position should be near the corner, the internal area is large, and 1-2 more should be installed in different directions, and it is necessary to pay attention to the convenience of operation. A special faucet for washing machines should also be arranged, because many towels, bath towels and other wipes are used every day, so there is a washing machine to ensure that such tools are clean and recycled in time.


(4) electric facilities: 1, lighting: general automotive beauty workshops use fluorescent lamps, and sometimes encounter night operations or places with poor lighting effect, so lighting problems should be considered in the decoration of sufficient light. 2, power socket: power socket must use a good quality waterproof socket, because the cleaning process splashing, this is a basic security problem. Generally speaking, the height of the socket is 30-50cm from the ground. 3, power supply: the load of the main switch should consider the power of lighting, polishing machine, cleaning machine and other electrical appliances at the same time. If there is the beauty of the paint room, the electricity consumption of the paint room should also be taken into account. Equipment configuration


(5) Automobile beauty equipment configuration: high pressure waxing machine, washing machine, steam engine, polishing machine, foot mat drying machine, vacuum cleaner, vacuum oil suction machine, spray gun, auxiliary tools. Cleaning machine, foam machine,