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How to decorate the loft (jump floor) of the city?

2018-04-01 17:36:28

When we travel, we live in a chic room, in addition to the comfort and pleasure of the journey, in fact, it is also possible to put it in the home. I have interviewed some landlords who went to Huoshang: so, share some decoration experience. * The following listing pictures source to Whir, hereby explain


Stay in a homestay experience (Find a style you like)


LOFT is the mood of the stratified apartment LOFT, this is the apartment type, downstairs living room, upstairs bedroom, static separation. Upstairs is a place to rest, and the style is more focused on comfort. The overall color is simple and quiet, and climbing up the stairs at the corner is a rest. Downstairs is a more vivid color, because here is a place to reflect on travel and conversation.


The initial hard outfit may be relatively ordinary, but the later soft outfit is derived from the owner's personality. Say you like painting, you will place your own work here, or collect other people's work, hang in the room, the overall tone will change. Hanging pictures releases all the colors, and color is the soul of the room, when a B&B has a soul, people who will pass by remember it and like it.


Green plants bring vitality in the apartment we can easily see that there are green plants everywhere. Liuli itself is like flowers and plants, she felt that people like plants, all need soil. The difference is that plants need fertile soil, and humans need vitality. Green is a fresh color, representing new life, just like the first ray of sunlight seen in the morning, so a monotonous room, as long as it is paired with plants, will appear to have vitality. And the life force is converted into positive energy, directly into the body. Just like traveling, you need not only an active body, but also mind and soul.

Matters needing attention

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