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How to decorate the wedding house

2018-01-12 22:24:00

I personally feel that all the house decoration should be simple, as the theme. Of course, as a wedding house, it should highlight the festive color. The living room, is a place to receive more guests, the color is not too beautiful, and to clean, mainly, the light should be bright, but not too dazzling, with a larger ceiling lamp or chandelier, but do not hang too large, otherwise there will be a kind of depressed feeling, in short, try to let people have a feeling. Also equipped with several wall lamps or floor lamps, the light should be softer, not too bright. These lights are for when you're not greeting guests. They feel very warm. The bedroom, is the secret base of two individuals, the light here can not be too strong, to be soft, and to be warm, of course, the color of the wall, the curtain must be warm, the curtain should be thicker, (that is, the outside of the light can not see what the inside is doing), which can increase the romantic, warm, hazy atmosphere. The kitchen and bathroom are mainly clean and easy to control as the theme, here is not to say more. The above is my opinion, welcome your valuable comments.