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How to distinguish the authenticity of Septwolves cigarette label collection

2018-01-04 20:48:00

"Septwolves (Red)" cigarette is a limited liability product of China Tobacco Industry, which is the best representative of the product system of "Septwolves". It is made of high-quality tobacco leaves and is widely loved by consumers. In order to enhance the identification ability of the majority of retail merchants and consumers, some characteristics of the latest batch of counterfeit cigarettes have just been seized recently, and talk about how to simply distinguish the true and false of the Seven Wolves Haoqing cigarette label collection small box.

Discrimination method

In the process of cigarette packaging, two machine indentations are formed at the interface of the long side of the genuine "Septwolves" (Haoqing) carton skin, while there are no indentations for fake cigarettes.


Look at the small box logo in the "horse" word genuine "seven wolves" (heroic) small box logo pattern "horse" word in the gap between the skimming and the lower frame is larger, the fake smoke is smaller.


Due to the different printing methods, the edges of the Chinese and English fonts on the genuine "Seven Wolves" (Haoqing) strips and boxes are jagged, and the edges of the fonts on fake cigarettes are smooth.


Look at the "Wolf" word in the logo at the bottom of the small box Genuine "Seven wolves" (passion) at the bottom of the small box logo in the left part of the "Wolf" word at the intersection of the skim and bent hook has no significant change, and the intersection of the fake smoke has obvious traces.

Suitable population

High earners. Generally, people who draw king will be high earners, in order to reflect their income, so they will choose to draw more expensive China, but also to make themselves in their peers, be valued and stand out.


A man of standing. Under normal circumstances, people with status will also choose to draw China, which is a symbol to prove their status and rights, just as the ancient land king used the land to prove himself, modern society will use this external material to represent and reflect.


People who have been smoking for a long time. Chinese smoke is relatively heavy, can be regarded as heavy mouth smoke, so under normal circumstances, if it is just learning to smoke people are not recommended to smoke. It is best to smoke this cigarette after a few years of age, in order to shock.


Cigarettes are not recommended. Especially the elderly and pregnant women. But the usual solution-relieving benefits of cigarettes cannot be ignored. So, if you feel irritable or depressed, you can choose to smoke some cigarettes.


In a bad mood. People who are not in a good mood can look for cigarettes to achieve some comfort, and temporarily use anesthesia to relax themselves and improve their emotions. Relieve tension. If the mood is in a tense state, it can also be suggested to smoke a cigarette to relieve the nervous mood, at least this way, not because of tension and criminal behavior.


The lovelorn depend on. Cigarettes can also become the lovelorn rely on, after the lovelorn, it is inevitable that the heart pain, smoking a cigarette is like burning out a relationship, know how to give up undesired emotions, but also the truth of cigarettes to give.

Usage taboo

Smoking is not good, but if you do, follow certain smoking guidelines. As far as current Chinese smokers are concerned, most of the smoking guidelines are wrong.



Taboo 1: It is best not to smoke in the morning



Many people like to smoke a cigarette in the morning to refresh themselves. That's not right. In fact, the body is already in a mental state in the morning, and the more you smoke, the more your mental state enters a depressed state.


Taboo 2: A cigarette after a meal is better than a living God



Smoke after meals. It's also a big choice for Chinese smokers. This is also wrong. Smoking after meals, some toxic substances into the body, directly block the absorption of food in the stomach, seriously lead to decreased appetite, affect health, affect the absorption of nutrients and so on.


No. 3: Binge smoking while drinking



When drinking alcohol, it is not recommended to smoke again, because two toxic substances are taught to attack your body and you can not stand it. And when drinking alcohol, the body contains alcohol, if you smoke, it may cause the body temperature to be higher, and even produce internal spontaneous combustion, leading to eventual death.


Taboo 4: Do not smoke immediately after sex



You can't smoke right after sex. But many people like to smoke immediately after sex, think that this is the best thing. After sex, the human brain and body are still in a high degree of excitement, if smoking at this time, it will inhibit this excitement, so that your experience of sex becomes dull, which is not conducive to your later experience of sex.


Taboo five: Do not smoke in unventilated places



Many people smoke, like indoors, where a group of people smoke, such as when playing mahjong. This is a wrong choice and behavior. If you smoke indoors, it is recommended that you open a window or change the window. Of course, if the air conditioning is turned on in the house, it is especially recommended that you stop smoking. The harm of smoking with air conditioning is many times higher than that without air conditioning.


Taboo 6: Don't throw cigarette butts around



I believe you also know the fire caused by people throwing cigarette butts. For people who smoke, you already have a bad pollution of the environment, if you do not deal with cigarette butts, it is even more crime. It is generally recommended that you put the cigarette butt out before throwing it into the dustbin, do not throw it in the haystack or other places that are prone to fire. That's something to keep in mind.


No. 7: Don't drink juice while smoking



People like to smoke while drinking their drinks. That's not true either. Especially when drinking fruit juice, be sure not to smoke at the same time. This is because an element in the harmful substances after smoking will combine with an element in the juice to produce a substance that is more harmful to the human body, resulting in a sexual change of the vitamins in the juice and becoming an unhealthy substance.